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Thursday, October 2, 2014


October 2, 2014- Stand.

October is
National Domestic Violence Awareness
If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Very powerful statement and it reads proud and true when it comes down to going after your dreams or any type of adventure. If YOU don’t believe in what you are capable of, then how in the hell is anyone else supposed to? You know one thing that I love about social media? The amount of self-motivation it expels. I mean granted it does get annoying to see you post pictures of EVERY single moment or event  that arises in your life but…on mornings when it takes everything and THEN some to get me out of bed…I usually just roll over unto my side and pull up Facebook or Twitter. As soon I pull it up, my newsfeed is flooded with pictures of selfies, families, etc… and oddly enough…I smile.
There is nothing wrong at being proud of who you are and what you believe in or stand for. Never apologize for being yourself. I bring up this topic because as you know October is nationally the month of “ribbons”. You know…if you choose to bring awareness to any SOCIAL issue then October is the month to do it! National Bullying Prevention Month, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month... (laughs) But seriously, standing for something doesn’t always have to be directly about you but for a cause.
This month, in particular, hits close to home because it is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. And I know…what it means to be a survivor. So I take this time to stand for the cause of women and men gaining their strengths back from any adversities that have plagued their lives due to the effects of domestic violence. There has been so much going on in the country with our athletes being publicly outed about their domestic disputes and abuse and I for one say…thank God. What happens in the dark always comes to the light.
So I am shedding light on this issue…today, ask yourself what do YOU stand for?


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