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Thursday, October 9, 2014


October 11th, 2014- Labeled.

So what is so wrong about having…a label? Having an identifier? When did “sameness” become SO desirable? I think people are so obsessed with trying to “blend in” that they forget that we are supposed to be individuals. We are supposed to have features that can be “indentified” and set us apart and make us unique. And I have a very personal opinion about this because, you know, people are like “I don’t want to be labeled as ‘gay’ or “I don’t want to labeled as ‘African-American’” or as this or that. But the thing is: YOU are who you are. So why NOT be identified by that?? Take ownership of it! Hell, be proud!

 I am not saying that is all that you are, but that is a part of you. And you say that people are supposed to accept you, then you need to learn to accept those things about yourself. And that is the truth. I…I… personally feel like people are trying to be so sweet and not offend anybody anymore and that they would rather just…blend in. And that is not the way things are SUPPOSED to be.

I was watching a commentary on CNN about the interview Oprah did with Raven Symone earlier this week and...it was interesting,  to say the very least. I am sure you all know about the spark of controversy that arose because of her [Raven] comment about not wanting to be "labeled" and all that and she goes to say that she doesn't know where her roots go to. Or how deep they run...


Well, why not? So many of our other cultures in this country and around the world take so much pride and honor in knowing their history. Where they come from...and she is so blatantly confessed that she does not know...and frankly, I stand to wonder does she care? Do any of us care? I feel like sometimes our history, and I am speaking from the African-American experience, is so troubled and painful and...just plain misconstrued that I am a little...nervous to see how far my roots go. I don't think I am ready to learn about that part of myself yet, but I would never carry on like it is not of importance to me.

Needless to say,  I have no problem in embracing what I look like and who I am...HOWEVER what I will not stand for are the stereotypes assumed about my "identifiers". BIG DIFFERENCE.



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