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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ATL Reflection (Part II): The Audition.

November 19, 2014: ATL Reflection (Part II): The Audition.

See, I am starting to tear up already… and NO, not because it was traumatic or anything like that, but because…I learned a lot about myself over a short amount of time. So this past weekend while I was down in GA, I was auditioning for MFA programs. The first on my list this year was UGA: University of Georgia. Can’t really call it a “beautiful” campus because the night before it was the Georgia VS Auburn game and the campus was fucked! Like, I had red solo cups meeting me at my car door. (Laughs) But nevertheless, this program was very different from all the others, and I could tell right off the bat because the MFA auditions were an ALL-DAY thing. Not just a 4 minute audition, a brief interview, and then SWOOSH—you are on your way. NO you spent a good 6 or so hours with the main facility and staff of the program. How cool, right? And to top it off, there were only 4! 4 people who were auditioning, so it was definitely more one-on-one interaction and individual appraisal.

The audition went…well. I am just getting over a cold and my voice wasn’t up to “par” but nevertheless it was a good audition. It was broken into a 30 to 40 minute workshop and they got to see us in our bodies and use our voices, etc. Went well! I knew I was gonna kill that part! I am an actor that is in their body at all times! Then we had the auditions and the interview—which I knew I would be okay at because…I have personality for days! And to my assumption, I nailed the interview! I was completely and 100% Brittney. Very proud of myself on that note.

There’s a BUT in there, isn’t it? Yep! So I talked to them about my big picture: where I see myself as an artist growing into. And they loved it; however, they then turned around and said “We are trying to create Actors, not teachers”…and BOOM locked eyes with me directly! Well shit! Right?!?  So right there, I realized something…

As desperately as I want to continue and develop my acting techniques and abilities. As much as I want to further my education…I am also looking for a program that will be a FIT for me as well. And maybe that is what I was missing last year. Why…”divine intervention” keep me from getting into any program or whatever. I wasn’t thinking about what will best benefit me, I was just thinking about finally get that degree. Sooo as much I enjoyed my process with UGA, I still have to access are they a good fit for me? The next step in their process is submitting an application to their Theatre Department and from there I will find out if I am selected…so we shall see.

Stay tuned for PART III and the conclusion to my ATL adventure….later!


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