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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Slow the F**K Down

November 11, 2014- Slow the F**K Down

So let me just put it out there:  what is so wrong with taking things slow? Like…letting things ruminate on their own and manifest into something great? Now don't get me wrong I don't think that is the correct approach to EVERY situation,  but in the case of life-shifting events or occurrences, I believe it is the best thing to do. For the sake of yourself and both parties. Where is she going with this? What I am trying to say is that I have some time to finally reflect on a very recent situation that left me a little…confused. Yeah, confused is the word I will use. I was confused because I didn't see things manifest as fast as the other party perceived. Sometimes as an Artist or in any stage in your career, you have to prioritize. Sometimes things arise in your life to take place and let that "place" grow over time. And in this particular situation…it was not the time for a solid relationship of any sort. 

I have been here before, my friends. I have been caught up between other people and their feelings for too long. Have you ever had someone in your corner and soon as you say something they don't like or agree with, they spend all their time guilting you into thinking one way or trying to shift your thoughts? I am not saying that has just happened, but it HAS happened to me. … … Not anymore. I am aligning some great things up in my life right now and the place where I need to be and who I need to be with is ME. Think about Brittney in the fullest sense. 

I have made a lot of adjustments lately. Pushed some people out of my life who were  bringing me down, reaching out to people like i never have before…and I have found a strength in truly being able to have someone's back. It feels so damn good to be going after my dreams STILL after the year I have had. After the life I have had really. (smiles) It's funny I have always tried to downplay my pain. What I have been through. Why? Because I always knew in the back of my mind there was someone who has been through worse. You feel me? It hasn't been until recently that I have found people who let me explore my pain and let…it… go.

All I had to do was sllllloooooowwww down and breathe. Take it one day at a time. No need to rush.


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