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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What's My Type?

November 5, 2014- What’s My Type?

Have you just ever purposefully did something COMPLETELY out of your comfort zone? I mean just because? It has a remarkable outcome, I must admit. Of course, sometimes it is a rude awakening no less, but overall you learn something quite wholesome about yourself. As a performer, I love to play against my “type”. Type meaning what I would traditionally be cast as for a role or part.
I will never forget when I was a sophomore in high school and I took my first Acting for the Camera class and our second day assignment was to sit in a circle and one by one we went around typecasting each other into roles.  -_-  Harsh right? Exactly and it is funny because as I felt the circle closing in on me…I already knew the answer. I didn’t fit in. And wouldn’t you know?? The class had a hard time placing me in a type. The teacher, who to me is a complete crock, simply put it “sometimes the best people in a scene are the people in the background” What the fuck! Lol… I know and I have to admit to this day that moment sometimes does pop into my head. Especially when I see a casting notice come up asking for a “sexy, alluring type” or “friendly, girl next door” or even…just a leading lady. I get all knotted up thinking about where I fit in this industry.
Of course I must be nuts because I went to still pursue acting full-time and lo and behold…I still have never landed a lead. LOL…but I know my talent and drive level speaks volumes. At least to me. So while I am not “pigeon holed” into a type or whatever, I am enjoying exploring my range. Trying out different roles…something new and different. Why? Because I can really push and see more. I am still getting used to the fact that I am not what you call an “ingĂ©nue” or leading lady, but I can bring more than that.
The worlds of theatre versus the world of film are sometimes the funniest pair of best friends. They both stress the importance of talent, skill, and blah… but the truth is LOOKS still holds much precedence over most casting decisions. At least with theatre, you can explore the range against physical type but all in all, why is that looks are so important to a character or a role? Granted, ones appearance does dictate how some may interact with a person, but in the end don’t the manner in which they act matter more? That is seriously the conundrum of being a performer. Am I getting this role because I DESERVE it or because I LOOK like the part? I fit the “type”.

Hmmm…just gives you something to think about…


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