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Thursday, November 20, 2014

ATL Reflection (Part III): The Big Picture.

November 20, 2014: ATL Reflection (Part III): The Big Picture.

Taking yourself to the next step is the way I look at how I am progressing forward. It’s funny how with people and relationships we always pose the question “how can we take this to the next step?” or “are we ready for the next step”? What is the NEXT STEP for yourself? On your personal journey, spiritually and professionally, where are you trying to go? While down in Atlanta, I asked myself that. Those 20 hours total on the road was some of the best “me” time I have had in years. Why? Because it was just me and nothing else. Just the road and my thoughts.

If you really know me, you will know how important education is to me. I respect it and I want the highest degree possible in what I love to do. For the past two years, I have sought out on my journey to get my Masters. And let me tell you…the ride itself has been just as altering as if I were in a program. Growing up, I had parents who pushed me hard, but I pushed myself harder. Both my parents didn’t have very much education but they had their own. Owned their house, nice cars, vacations, you name it. But I saw the sacrifices they endured to get there. Me seeking out my Masters degree will be one of the greatest sacrifices of my life. I know it will. Sacrifice? Yeah.

Your average MFA program is about 2 to 3 years and it is a FULL-TIME commitment. So naturally I will be out of the “acting” game for a while. However during that time I will be gaining and developing the finesse of a professional working actor. I will be acquiring techniques that in the long run will not only benefit MY career but the lives of others that I will go on to teach and inspire in the years to come. My true artistry won’t be revealed until years down the line when I am funding and running my own non-profit for Youth Cultural Enrichment. YES! I love to act. I am a performer, through and through. But somewhere over the course of the past few years I have become, what most will call, a humanitarian. My bigger purpose is to give back. NO I am not trying to sound like Miss America, but I am maturing into the woman I always hoped I’d be.


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