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Monday, September 29, 2014

Losing What You Have

September 29, 2014- Losing What You Have

You know my biggest fear as a performer is losing my ability to remember and retain lines and…losing my voice. Not voice as in my opinion but as in my actual voice. I am sure people have their own remedies as to how to protect and take care of your "temple", your body. But one thing I have noticed that I don't do enough is sleep. Sleeping is imperative for you to recharge and get your body ready for whatever may come next. Funny, I read somewhere that scientists cannot prove why we actually NEED to sleep but it is something that we just naturally do. Interesting, huh? 

I need rest. Spiritually I have been so exhausted…I feel like I dancing between lives…the whole "balance" piece. Now the workload has picked up on the performance end of things and so has my job…and…(sighs) Breathe Brit. One Day at a Time.

I never feel like I rest enough…and next thing you know I am coming down with a cold or migranes…so before you run down to the drug store and stock up on meds galore…drink a little water, take a vitamin or two, and sleep, sleep, SLEEP. 

One thing I always tell myself: Even God took time to take a rest. (smiles)


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