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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Assess. Adjust.

September 18, 2014- Assess. Adjust.

            How many times have we noticed something wrong or an area of improvement in ourselves and…did ABSOLUTELY nothing about it? Seriously. I am talking about noticing something about yourself that has been a hindrance and it has truly effected your growth as an artist. Maybe you are too simple-minded? Or perhaps you are too open-minded? Too free-spirited? Or just don’t let go enough? I believe for someone to truly want to change something about them…it is from within.

            It shouldn’t take your Acting Teacher drilling it into your head that you need to make the necessary move or your dance teacher pressing you to work more on technique more than just pure drive. What you must do as an Artist is ASSESS yourself and make the necessary ADJUSTMENTS to better yourself. There is always room for “improvement”. Like I said before we are always learning.

            This message came to me last night as I was working on myself spiritually. Like I mentioned in my previous blog, I let go of something that has literally been on my assessment list for 6 years. And even though it took 6 LONG years to finally let it go…I did. I made an adjustment that now I no longer have to carry with me. With you…it could be a dirty habit. Smoking, gossiping, judging, judging yourself… if it is a habit that is preventing things from happening… maybe it is time to let go of that habit.

            Mine was the need of a relationship. Constant companionship. Like I knew I could do it mentally but I always thought I needed someone by my side EVERY step of the way. Silly me, I didn’t realize it at the time but that other person was another thing I had to be accountable for. Which is fine; however, I was young….shoot I still am… and I still had so much at my fingertips and basically I kept snatching my hand back because…it wasn’t aligning with who I was with. Crazy, the things you will do for love…but what is even crazier is what LOVE does to you. Not only does it bring you bliss…it can sometimes make you blissfully unaware of things.

            Well…shoot. What’s that saying? Uh… hmm….oh yeah “Ignorance Is Bliss”. (smiles)

            No, I am not “ANTI-LOVE”, I am just more aware…and made the assessment about myself. And now, I am working on finally “adjusting” myself. So that Brittney can love her own relationship to herself...more than the need of another.  I sound like I neglect myself, don’t I? Well I wouldn’t call it neglect, I just distract myself. And with that distraction came anxiety, angst, and fear.  And what’s even funnier that in the end, you are dealing with it alone ANYWAYS! That is the way of the world. The universe won’t let you hurt yourself…so it will create masses of situations that make you have to decide what is best. I spoke on that before.

            Because in the end, I am the one ignoring a talent of mine for the love another. When…when I should have just simply assessed the situation and ACKNOWLEDGED that while it is okay to love and be passionate about multiple things…there should be a balance to it.


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