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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Something Out of Nothing

September 24, 2014- Something Out of Nothing

Have you ever gotten into a situation or a place that originally was meant to be one thing but in the end turned out to be something more or even greater than you imagined? That is the beauty of the unexpected. With being an Artist, we are sometimes given an empty canvas. And not just a blank sheet of paper, but maybe it's music notes with no rhythm, a stage with no set, or a dance with no technique. It is our job to make something out of nothing. And that is what should get you going every day. Look at what is in front of you and ask yourself "what more can I make of this?" 

 Indianapolis, IN.---September 2014
Not always an easy question to ask…especially in a society that practically spells everything out for you and hands everything to you. Being able to be creative is our fuel. Recently, I took a trip to Indianapolis. Had NOTHING to do with performing or acting…NOTHING. But miraculously, something came out of nothing. It was after our first day of conference and I went to grab myself some dinner…and while I was waiting on my take-out from P.F. Changs (yum), I started up a conversation with this woman. She just so happened to be from ATL. And Atlanta has been a location I have been scouting for a while…you know for acting opportunities and whatnot. And I have only met other actors or music producers from there. No one who actually is FROM there and build their business there and could speak on the benefits of a young adventurous, creative, professional woman placing her marks on the area. Not only was she completely open and kind, she was a woman of faith,  a woman of color, and….an ARTIST herself. She was a flight attendant by trade but the business that she had in ATL…well let's just say "the angels were looking down on me that evening"! ANNNNNDD not just with her, even on the flights to and from Indianapolis, I sat next to a guy that pulled up my IMDb page right in front of me and pulled up the website for Precinct 757! All because he was invested in what I had to say! Such a blessing!

Needless to say, always seek the opportunity beyond the eye. Stay well-versed. Know about current events, know about what makes you unique and your skills. Take an ordinary day and make it extraordinary…sounds cliche but when has it ever gone wrong when using that approach… hmmm? Don't worry…I'll wait for your answer. 


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